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orange county California skincare specialist

Carol Fouad, Licensed Aesthetician and CA Certified Massage Therapist joined the Huntington Beach professional community in July 2009 and continued to share her expertise until January, 2015.  She is currently on sabbatical and will post further information in the early part of 2016.  Website information remains, but services are currently suspended.

Thirty years ago, Carol entered the exciting, challenging and ever-changing field of Aesthetics.  Intrigued by the body/face connection, she continued her education at a massage training center in New Jersey and discovered many ways that she could help individuals feel better in their own bodies and have their improved state of being reflect in their healthy, glowing skin.

See a full list of services here and plan your visit to Skinology by Carol for a custom-designed approach to achieving face and body wellness.

“The clients I service are aware of the importance of being treated as a whole person and are willing to commit to “partnering” in an effort to achieve results. Whether they are concerned about the condition of their skin or the functioning of their body, my assessments and approach require consideration of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of who they are.”
Carol L. Fouad